Hi there!

Rafi and Angela waving hi

We're Rafi and Angela. We weren't expecting anyone but are happy you're here! We're guessing you know about the Adobe After Effects extension we made called After Ease and wanted to know a little more about the creators. If so, you came to the right place! If not, well, feel free to poke around and wander off when you're done.

If you've never heard of our extension and use After Effects a lot, you should go check it out!

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Who are we?

Rafi is a proefssional engineer (not in the creative world) and Angela is a professional freelance motion graphics designer (check out her work here). We both love our respective crafts and wanted to work on a project together. The first of hopefully more is After Ease.

WTF is Khanyu?

Ah, so when figuring out our a company name we got super lazy. Neither of us are good at 'word stuff' and decided to slap our last names together (Khan and Yu), thus, Khanyu Inc! was born. The name looks weird if you don't speak a middle eastern/south asian or east asian language but it's pronounced /con yo͞o/ in English and 汗于 in Chinese.

What else have we done?

Not much really. One thing that we did was take some of the source code that was used to make After Ease and made it into a generic template project that could be used to make other Adobe CEP extensions. Rafi did that b/c the development experience for making an CEP extension is still very rough around the edges and wanted to make it easier for him and other developers (both professional and amature) to make more and continue to provide value of the creative community.

If you're into that type of stuff check it out.

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